Innovative architectural design can present unique structural design challenges. To meet these challenges we, at Bush Reese & Company, Inc., will approach projects with no preconceived solutions, but with imagination and flexibility. It has been proven time and again that any design challenge can be over come given the adequate investment of time and money. However, in all but rare instances, these are limited resources. At Bush Reese & Company, Inc., we employ the latest design technology and concepts to help solve even the most difficult problems in building design and project delivery with the least expenditure of time and money.

We also realize that time IS money. Here at Bush Reese & Company, Inc., we believe in the 6 P’s design approach. Simply stated, “Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.” It is for this reason that it is important to do the proper job in the design phase of the project. For a well thought out, well coordinated and well designed project will cut project costs by promoting more accurate construction pricing, cutting time out of the permit review process, reducing construction delays, increasing the speed of construction and producing fewer construction change orders. The result is a reduced overall time span from the start of design to the end of construction.

Bush Reese & Company, Inc. will work with the stakeholders and design team on all of our projects to define the proper balance between the use of available resources and achievement of the project goals. It is this simple “can do” philosophy and service to our clients that has been the foundation stone of our firm since its inception.

The staff at Bush Reese & Company, Inc would like to put our design philosophy to work to help you achieve these goals for your next project.