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The company was established in 1962 by James R. Borman as a one man structural consulting engineering firm under the name of J.R. Borman & Associates. The first project designed by Mr. Borman’s new firm was a small garden level office building at 2430 S. University Blvd. just south of the University of Denver. The firm’s client on this project was Michael Crowther and Associates and the project owner was D.W. Bush. From those humble beginnings, the firm grew to be as large as 23 engineers, draftsmen and support personnel and has completed thousands of projects ranging up to 1 million square feet in size.

Through the years, the firm has undergone many name changes as partners have come and gone. Merritt Smith joined the firm in 1977 as a full partner and Patrick Bush became a principal in 1982. The firm name was changed at those times to reflect the names of the partners (i.e. Borman/Smith & Partners then Borman Smith Bush & Partners). Mr. Smith left the firm in 1990 and Mr. Borman suffered some major health problems that same year so Mr. Bush assumed sole operation of the firm. Mr. Borman retired in August, 1994.

The firm was then reorganized and Gregg Reese became a partner prompting a name change to its current BUSH REESE & COMPANY, INC. Mr. Reese worked to build a bridge design division which was then spun off as a separate company several years later.

There have also been many changes in design technology since the firm was first established. Slide rules and handbooks have been replaced by personal computer workstations and sophisticated design software. BUSH REESE & COMPANY, INC. has always stayed on the cutting edge of this technology. The firm was one of the first in the Denver area to have an in house, desktop computer for use in engineering design when they purchased an Olivetti P6060 in 1978. Structural design software was almost nonexistent at the time, so they wrote much of their own design software.

In 1983, the firm purchased two personal desktop 286 computers for use with AutoCad Version 2.6 drafting software and became one of the first firms to produce computer generated construction drawings. As technology continued to develop, BUSH REESE & COMPANY, INC. continued to develop it’s own design software as well as use software developed by third parties. By the early 1990’s, the firm had a computerized workstation for every engineer in their office. While today the firm uses sophisticated design and drafting software for the larger more complicated building models, we still use firm designed spreadsheets for smaller design projects.

Nearly fifty years of economic swings and changing business environments have tested the firm’s stability. But while many of the larger, better known, national firms have come and gone in the Denver area over the years, BUSH REESE & COMPANY, INC. has continued to provide high quality and varied structural engineering services to it’s clients.

The firm’s office has always been in the Denver metropolitan area as this has been the locality of the majority of its clientele. Our current office is located near Colorado Boulevard and Cherry Creek Drive in southeast Denver.